Lisa M. Faulkner is the Principal Consultant for PenStar Communications, a full service communications consultancy. A veteran in her field and Masters accredited expert, Lisa also presents to groups and professionals on Communications, Marketing, and Personal and Professional Development. In addition, she hosts the radio talk show, Game Changers with Lisa Faulkner. You may learn more about Game Changers here on the Media Page. Most importantly Lisa enjoys consulting with clients to provide writing and producing to communicate their greatest potential with marketing strategies that increase their brand awareness and earning potential. As a Managing Producer Lisa has produced countless promotions and feature stories throughout her career specializing in seamless integration.

PenStar Communications offers expert services in writing and producing with an emphasis on integrated relationship marketing strategies. The Principal Consultant’s years of experience, coupled with successful client relationships and talented industry partners make PenStar Communications a cut above the rest for your communication projects.

“We are dedicated to communicating your greatest potential and bringing it to the marketplace through channels that will increase your brand awareness and bottom line results,” says Lisa. When asked why she pushes for high quality Lisa says, “I am a producer in the purest form. I just like to get stuff done. Before I end each project, I stop and ask myself and/or team members – “Have we done the best job we can do? Is there a way we can make this better?”

Lisa’s background and experiences have allowed her to make significant organizational impact and independently gain a prestigious client base who continue to hold her in high esteem. A proud alumnus of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Lisa earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a specialization in Broadcasting. She also earned a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership from Regent University at Virginia Beach, VA in May of 2010, graduating with a GPA of 3.88.  Lisa currently makes her home in Georgia where she lives out her innovative passions while meeting the professional and civic needs of others in her community and abroad.

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