Effective Marketing


Effective Marketing Includes Six Distinct Steps for Long-Term Success:

  1. Brand – “to thine own self be true” – create, understand and develop your brand to withstand every organizational and industry change. The tools change but your identity should remain intact.
  2. Strategize with Hindsight and Foresight – “if you do not study history you are bound to repeat it” – learning from past mistakes and risks taken is optimal for future forecasting and development of successful marketing and communications.
  3. Give Back – For whatever entity you make offerings to and they support you in making it successful there should be an arm of gratitude that is designed to say “Thank You” and “We Care”.
  4. Add Value – Competition is Steep! You must create new reasons and benefits for others to decide you are the right choice.
  5. Customize – While you may have the best product, cause, or service on the market it will lose its appeal over time if there are not efforts in place to address individual needs.
  6. Follow Through -What did you miss? You will not know unless you follow through with what you promised and follow up to make sure you got it right!


Outside Ad Placement Samples:

Strategic Marketing Integration Sample:


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